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Session Structure

Learn about how I work. In three steps

Discovery Session

The initial call lasts around 20 minutes and can be done on the phone, or via calling platforms such as Zoom or Skype. During this call I learn about your initial issues and from there I will also ask about your expections from coaching.

We will discuss the ways that Health Coaching will work specifically for the issues you are facing, and how our sessions would be structured along with the session frequency that will benefit you. Once you are comfotable, we can organise a foundation session where we will dive into the details.

Foundation Session

In the initial foundation session the idea is to build a rapport and make a connection, where you feel comfortable speaking to me. I will explain scope of practice and what continuing with me would entail along with finding out your goals for the coaching relationship.

We go into details while experimenting with initial lifestyle changes. Furthermore, I’ll be gathering as much information about you, your story and your issues. This will enable us to work together on your health journey, that we will strive towards in each future session.

One-On-One Coaching

In a regular 45 minute session, we start by looking at the positives and what has been working, enabling us to start by celebrating any wins. This facilitates the realisation that you have accomplished goals and that things have gone well.

We then talk through progress on the goals you have set and explore any barriers that may have got in the way, meanwhile putting strategies in place going forward. We will then discuss our focus for this session, at the pace you set.

Services I Offer

From single sessions to groups and workshops

Discovery call

We can get to know each other first while I listen to the issues you are facing and how I can help you. Schedule a free 20 minute discovery call and find out!.

Foundation Session

All coaching sessions begin with a 75 minute Foundation Session. This is to fully learn about you, your health, and the challenges you are facing.

One-to-One Coaching

Each session will be up to 45 minutes long. This can either be done in person, or via Zoom or Skype


You can book blocks of 6-12 sessions. Block sessions are discounted. Please contact me for more information.


I hold workshops & public talks. These social events provide information on health and well being, whilst connecting to like-minded people.

Group Coaching

Are you and your friend or partner having the same issues? Group sessions are designed to connect you to each other while facing challenges head on.

"Start Your Journey On The Path To A Better Future"

Health Coaching with me

How can I get started?

Let’s get started with a free discovery call!

As a Health Coach I consider clients to be the experts in their own lives. Coaching is free flowing, and centered around self-awareness and self-driven transformation. I actively listen and support whilst being patient and letting the process unfold, but directing when necessary.

During coaching open-ended questions are used that are self-reflective, which enable you to take small steps on the road to change. As your coach I walk beside you on your journey with the aim to help you see things you may not notice, whilst helping you bridge the intention / behaviour gap to achieve your goals.


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