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Debbie Benest

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach
My Aim

I’m a Functional Medicine Health Coach with the desire to empower my clients into overcoming their health issues. I effect a lasting change that continues into the future which resonates with both my clients and the people around them.

My Journey

As an ex-accountant and then mum of two children life has been quite busy over the years on the treadmill of life and I put myself on hold. As my children grew older I found myself losing some meaning and purpose. I would always describe myself as having a healthy diet however after the loss of my mum swiftly followed by the start of the menopause, which I truly believe was as a result of the stress and grief I went through, my healthy lifestyle took a dip.

These events took their effect on my whole lifestyle and I felt like I lost myself along the way. I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure a few years later, this was the wake up call I needed to refocus on myself.

I was offered traditional medication but I was not convinced it was a long-term solution and I did not want to rely on medication at what I considered the young of age of 50. I sought advice from a Functional Medicine doctor who provided me with the alternative solutions I was looking for. I overhauled my nutrition, exercise routine and started mindfulness techniques. These changes had positive effects on my Blood Pressure and the experience was life changing.

This led me down the path I’m on today as a Functional Medicine Health Coach. I help my clients improve their lives and make lasting changes. Health Coaching can be likened to Blue Sky Thinking, which involves finding creative solutions that are an alternative to traditional medication.

My Mission As a Health Coach Is:

To empower my clients to make long lasting lifestyle changes so they can live their best life and be as healthy as they possibly can be.

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What Is Health Coaching?

It all starts with getting to know you
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I enable positive behaviour changes.

A Health Coach is your partner in managing your behaviour change process. This process involves first getting to know you, then providing support by finding values & strengths in your life, setting goals, and accessing intrinsic motivations to empower you to make positive change, while encouraging the development of healthy behaviours and attitudes that are both long lasting and sustainable.

Health Coaching helps identify effective strategies and approaches that help you with issues such as health goal-setting, stress management, time management, sleep quality, eating habits, and other activities needed to improve lifestyle and overall wellness.

It's personal, so I personalise it to you.

Whether you would like to lose weight, improve sleep quality, are dealing with a chronic illness or just want to get healthy, I take the time to listen to your concerns and help you discover where and why you are struggling.

I help you experiment with finding the changes that work for you specifically, while listening, caring and supporting you with what's going on in your life.

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I set change into motion.

As a Health Coach, I understand life is unpredictable and that change is not necessarily fast.

I work with you to support and motivate you, in order for you to achieve optimal wellness both physically and mentally. I provide the nutritional and lifestyle guidance that you need to find your way back to health, and keep you feeling your best.

The Areas I Cover

The 6 platforms of a healthy life



Exercise and Movement




Health Coaching with me

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What Do I Offer?


Discovery call

We can get to know each other first while I listen to the issues you are facing and how I can help you. Schedule a free 20 minute discovery call and find out!.

Foundation Session

All coaching sessions begin with a 75 minute Foundation Session. This is to fully learn about you, your health, and the challenges you are facing.

One-to-One Coaching

Each session will be up to 45 minutes long. This can either be done in person, or via Zoom or Skype


You can book blocks of 6-12 sessions. Block sessions are discounted. Please contact me for more information.


I hold workshops & public talks. These social events provide information on health and well being, whilst connecting to like-minded people.

Group Coaching

Are you and your friend or partner having the same issues? Group sessions are designed to connect you to each other while facing challenges head on.

What Do My Clients Say?

Don't just take it from me

I met with Debbie at a time when I had lost my way. Winter hit and I was unmotivated and subsequently I neglected my health. Debbie worked with me to identify strategies that worked for my situation and she helped me to stay accountable. I made positive changes and immediately felt lighter and more in control.

Over a matter of just weeks, my nutrition and social life improved, I got back into exercise and developed boundaries to protect time for myself. Regular meetings with Debbie helped me to get me back on track and I’d recommend her to anybody that wants to improve their wellbeing and achieve their goals

Having had the privilege of a number of coaching sessions with Debbie I would highly recommend her. Debbie is warm, caring, an easy listener and really motivated to ensure you get results. She customised each session, enabling me to connect the dots and set targets.

She is very knowledgable and had wisdom to share when needed, along with some great recipes which are now family favourites! "Your health is your wealth” I have changed the odd thing already!!

I’ve been seeing Debbie for almost 5 months with a view to improving my overall health. My coaching sessions have covered a variety of different topics from fitness, food, relaxation to dealing with challenging situations and mindset.

To be honest I’ve changed my view on how I look at my overall health now as before it was very much focused on the scales! Debbie was definitely made for this role.

She has a lovely calm, supportive and non judgemental manner which makes it so easy to open up to her. She really listens to what I’m saying and gets me to ‘think out loud’. After every session I leave feeling motivated and with a sense of accomplishment in the changes I’ve made and the impact these have had on me and my family life. She’s very knowledgeable and always follows up promptly with any information she has offered to share.

I would highly recommend Debbie as a health coach. I’ve enjoyed my journey so far and can already feel the benefits with my overall health.

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